Be Aware

Concept and Poster Design

A collection of visual feelings.

This personal project sees the light of the urgency to understand better my feelings. I knew I couldn't recognise them and I was confused for that.
How could I translate an abstract concept like "emotion" into a more tangible and visually easy tool?

I simply associated an image or more to each emotion I felt and to each state of mind I was into. The result is this serie of posters where pieces of photos of body parts and facial expressions are mixed with words and paint. It's like having a visual chart of feeling. A tool I can use daily.

centred. be aware. be present. connected. complete.

desired. sexy. self-confident. strong. true to myself. not vulnarable.

exposed. naked. true to myself. free.

obsessed. obsessive. addicted. paranoid. alienated. stuck.

happy. free. light. relaxed. self-acceptance. relieved. mindful. remembered. grateful.

pleasure. pleased. fulfill. excited. orgasm. satisfied.

angry. impatient. stressed. needy to be right. loosing control. not understood. ignored. forgotten. devalued. upset. disappointed. furious.

rejected. forgotten. invisible. alone. lonely. not worthy. weak. fragile. not good enough. wrong. used. not chosen. not loved. confused. wanting to be someone else.

wrong. manipulated. fear of being yourself. emotionally abused. uncertain. not connected.

painful. scared.

lost. hurt. not focused. uncertain. not clear. without direction. sand in the brain. disconnected. blurred. cold.

apathy. anxious. avoidance. depressed. passive. nothing. not present. distressed. floating. sad. empty. tired. boredom. sorrow. grief. gloomy. lost.